Transmission repair can be very time consuming and takes much patience when trying to fix the parts that make up the complex system.  Our employees at Denver Transmission have been selected because of how they carefully diagnose the problem and present you with all of your options before jumping in head first.

To diagnose the problem you always start with the most simplistic answer first and then work your way up through the list of things that could be wrong.  There is no reason to start worrying about something if you have no idea what is going with it.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that it is this because it did not make this sound or do this correctly, go through all of the possibilities and start eliminating from there. The worst thing you can tell a client is that it is something huge when it could be something very small, there is no need to start making people worry.

Sometimes a simple transmission flush will make the world of difference; the fluid is usually red which is good to know if you have a leak in your car.


Denver Transmission specializes in automatic and manual transmission repair as well as complete transmission rebuilds for Denver and Lakewood.  You will find that we are able to pinpoint the problem more precisely and can replace specific parts if something needs to be fixed better than our competitors.  Our trained specialists will be able to diagnose the problem and get your car up and running again, leaving you with peace of mind and a transmission that will last.