I took my truck to Denver Transmission & Drivetrain for diagnostics after hearing a noise coming from the transmission 1 day prior to leaving on vacation to Arizona. I just had the transmission serviced months prior by a local car dealership. The diagnostics determined that I was going to have transmission failure that was probably going to happen during my trip. The owner of Denver Transmission put in the extra hours and was able to rebuild my transmission and get me on the road to leave on-time for Arizona the next night. They did the repair at no additional cost for the overnight turn around. Denver Transmission went the extra mile to repair my vehicle and did it at a low cost. I made the trip to and from Arizona pulling a 20' trailer with a car on it with no problems. Denver Transmission & Drivetrain has great knowledge, service, and reliablility at a affordable cost.
Posted By: Anonymous
I want to thank you so much for doing such a great job on my old (1999) Subaru Outback. Your rebuilt transmission works like a charm. It immediately goes into Drive, which had been a problem for years. I also can't believe how much better my highway gas mileage is. I hadn't realized that was an issue as well.
So thanks again for your excellent work, and for charging a fair price. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs transmission work.
Posted By: Erin Rainwater

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